“I Crave Junk Food When I’m Tired, HELP!”

February 27, 2024

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junk food

"I crave junk food when I'm tired, help!"

Dude. I got 2 babes and let me tell ya- sleep deprivation is real.

If there was ever a day you deserve a cookie, it’s when you’re TIRED. 

But if that’s all you’re eating, you’re actually making the problem worse. 

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Why we crave junk food when we're tired

When we are tired our bodies try to help (so lovingly) by craving foods with quick sugar bursts. And while that might help momentarily— it causes a spike in our blood sugar (the thing that feels helpful) and then a crash (the thing that has you asleep at your desk after lunch… aka- not helpful) 

So, what’s a sleepy gal to do? 

Here’s how I think about eating while exhausted.

First Understand WHY you crave junk food (a cookie in this example). 

Your body wants to help, it knows you need energy so it looks for the easiest way to get some, quick. Aka: comfort food + treats 

Second, practice compassion when you eat the cookie. 

Once you understand why you crave the cookie, it helps you validate that the craving is there for a reason. You’re not bad, you don’t suck at will power- it makes SENSE. Compassion for yourself and the situation takes the pressure off.

Thirdly, mother yourself. 

Yes, cookies are fun, but if that’s all we eat our bodies are gonna be running on an empty tank and a wild blood sugar roller coaster. That doesn’t feel good. Making choices that you know give your body good nutrition is IMPORTANT. Just like you would help a small child pick good foods to eat before their treat, you can do the same for yourself! It sounds silly but it WORKS! This leads me into step 4….

Fourthly, practice pairing 

In a perfect world, you’d skip the cookie. But a more realistic practice (that won’t do a number on your will power) is to learn how to pair the treat with something that will sustain. High protein snacks or meals (I’m talking 30g+) will help sustain you and give you the energy you need. It won’t make up for pulling an all nighter- BUT it will lessen the effects of the cookie if you go for it. 

Fifth, make peace with the fact that you’re tired

As a mom of two I’m an experienced “omg I didn’t sleep at all last night” human— there are times when I’m standing in front of the pantry with eyes glazed over that I have to remind myself- I’m just tired. 

If I’ve done all I can do to eat nutritious meals with enough protein and I still find myself grazing- it helps to just remind myself that I’m tired. And no matter how many cookies or coffees or crackers I find- I’m still gonna be tired. This helps me keep perspective- what my body needs is sleep and anything else I do is just a bandaid to cover up the symptom.

There you have it. My most practical, effective, compassionate, science based tips for when you crave junk food because you're tired! Next time you pull an all nighter (even if it’s not your idea) try these steps and see how it helps. 

Ok, ok, tell me your thoughts! What’s most helpful for you on tired days? 





P.S Ever wondered what it would feel like to view movement as a joyful new hobby…? To have a habit that was so refreshing that “skipping the gym” felt like missing a facial 🥲
What if there was no bullshit?
What if you just knew what worked for you?

What if it felt good, sustainable, and life giving….

💕That’s my specialty 💕

And it’s a major piece of my new 1:1 coaching experience, Best Body Yet!


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