5 Truth Bombs to Master Your Macros

June 29, 2023

5 Truth Bombs to Master Your Macros

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Hi, hi, HI!

I’m here to clear the air with 5 truth bombs about macros that will make starting where you’re at- EASIER.

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Counting macros is an educational tool. With it comes a massive understanding of your body and the fuel it thrives on. It’s also a process that requires practice. 

With a dedication to learn comes a healthy understanding of:

  • portion sizes, 
  • building well-rounded meals, 
  • recognizing the nutrient value of different foods, 
  • and understanding the impact of specific foods on your body composition. 

In my opinion, this information is invaluable and it allows you to make better decisions moving forward. 


Well-rounded is key. If there is a macronutrient you’re scared of or try to completely avoid… you’re doing it wrong. 

Each macronutrient plays a vital role in your health. Here is a quick and simplified list of each macronutrient's role:


Protein is in charge of building muscle. And even if you think that’s not a goal- the amount of muscle you have plays a huge role in metabolism, body composition, energy, and your quality of life as you age.

Eating enough protein is essential for creating bodies that age well.

One of the most common causes of death in 65+ is from a fall. If we can build bodies that are durable, strong, and capable- we not only age better but we will look and feel better while we do it. 


Poor fats. 

Fats have gotten such a bad reputation because people think eating fat makes you fat.

Wrong. Fat is essential for providing your body with energy, protecting your organs, supporting cell growth, maintaining blood pressure, and nutrient absorption.

The importance here is that we want the healthy naturally occurring fat- not man made fat. 

Unhealthy fat (saturated fat from man made products) should be avoided. 

Healthy fat (unsaturated and naturally occurring saturated fat) like avocados, coconut oil, animal products are packed full of nutrients that are essential for healthy functioning of our cells. 



Carbs are essential for energy! Low-carb diets often leave it's victims depleted, tired, cranky, and in dangerous risk of “falling off the wagon”.

The carbs that will leave your body happy are “non-ingredient” carbs.

Think less about cookies and cakes and pastries and more about fruit, veggies, potatoes, and leafy greens.

These non-ingredient carbs provide valuable nutrients- while the cookies are simple carbs. Simple carbs are easy to break down- which leaves you looking for more QUICKLY.


You probably won’t do it forever. Like I said before, this is an educational tool.

Learn from it and then apply what you learn to real life.

No one wants to weigh their food and track their macros for the rest of their life- but to gain access to the abundant amount of information available to you- you have to do it for a little bit. Don’t let the “I don’t want to track my food forever” argument keep you from trying. You won’t! 

Commit to it so you can learn and then commit to applying what you learn to your real life.



There is a wide range of tracking when it comes to macros. It usually comes down to the season of life you’re in and what you already know. At the start, tracking every bite is massively helpful to provide an accurate picture. Once you’re established, you might only track to keep one specific macro in check and that’s ok too.

The most important thing is that what you’re doing is providing you with results.

If it’s not, check in with how closely you’ve been tracking and adjust as needed.


If you’re not simultaneously getting off ultra-processed food and onto mostly real food- it will feel impossible to hit your numbers.

Ultra-processed food is always going to be way low in protein and way high in carbs.

And because of the low quality, you’ll find yourself never satisfied. This is because processed food is designed to keep you coming back for more. It’s main goal is to give you just enough to not overwhelm your taste buds but not quite enough to leave you satisfied.

When you make the switch to whole non-ingredient foods you will find a much more natural balance between macros and a much more attainable goal.



Bonus tip: please don’t forget that the whole freakin point is to learn what your body needs to thrive- not to try to bully your body into being like someone else’s.

You got your own perfect design babes- honor it.

There you have it- 5 (or 6 😜) quick tips on how to master macros! I hope you find this helpful!

TL; DR macros are a great tool to learn about how to fuel your body in a way that provides results without restriction. Check out my macro mentorship for more help!

P.S. need more help? A macro mentorship with me is basically healthy big sister vibes. I’ll gas you up, show you what to do and make sure you feel good doin it.

Ready when you are 💕

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