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I can’t tell you how often I talk to women who are doing everything “right” but not getting results.  They tell me, 'It feels like I just look at food and gain weight’ and 'I know I should exercise but I don’t know what to do’ and ‘I know I need to eat better but it’s so hard with kids and work and…’. 

You’re in the right place.

Are you ready for laser clarity on what actually works for you? 
Your body, Your schedule, Your late night cravings? 

Can you relate?

If so, Best Body Yet was designed for you. 

It's a hell yes from me!

No bullshit, no gimmicks, no games. I know what works!

I know how to infuse joy and excitement into practices that culture has soaked in restriction, punishment, and unsustainability. 

I’ve mastered simple but effective food and movement that leads to RESULTS. 

I know what it takes to have a drama free relationship with food, exercise, and your health in general. 

Why Victoria?

And I can do this because I’ve lived it.

I have a 4 year degree in Exercise Kinesiology + teaching (which is fancy talk for “I can teach you what you need to know”)

A certificate in Exercise Physiology from ACSM
(the best of the best)

A PN Nutrition Coaching certificate, 

10 years experience of working with real life clients

and BOAT LOADS of testimonials like this: 

In addition to my personal experience:

I’ve maintained my health (and improved it!) through marriage, multiple hospital stays + surgeries, a move across the state (2x), a c- section, a VBAC, a pandemic, and as a business owner. 

I’ve done all this WITHOUT cutting out cookies, spending hours each day in the gym, eating boring food, weighing myself, tracking every bite, or stressing about “staying fit”. 

Oh and? 

— 1:1 Coaching Client

“I’m so much stronger than I ever thought I’d be and I am really enjoying the gym. I feel like I know what I’m doing now and it’s the coolest thing ever!!"

What customers are saying:

— 1:1 Coaching Client

“I’ve dropped 19 pounds!!”

— 1:1 Coaching Client

“I am eating a lunch that I am excited about and it’s all whole foods and good protein. Who am I?! Couldn’t have done this without you!!”




  • 1-1 Access to your coach for 16+ weeks to maximize your transformation. 
  • Personalized Nutrition Program
    (Built with your likes, dislikes, and season of life in mind!) 
  • A Built for You Fitness Program (we will build this together so you love it) 
  • Slide Deck of my Family's Favorite Recipes
  • Weekly 1-1 Coaching Calls (or voice memo if you prefer!)
  • Weekly accountability check ins 
  • M-F Text access for quick Qs, celebrating wins, or mental breakdowns! 
  • Lifetime access to your personal programming + nutrition profile
  • Option to continue coaching at discounted rates after 16 weeks!



$350/ mo

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to wake up each morning and bounce out of bed…feeling full of energy and excited for the day?

achieving results AND a loving self image with ease and joy? 

shaking off restriction, food confusion, and roller coaster style commitment… for good? 

that no longer struggles to “be good” or force herself into the gym… and instead views movement as joyful self care? 

there was no bullshit…What if you just knew what worked for you? 

What if it felt good, sustainable, and lifegiving…

Friend, I invite you to take a moment to imagine what’s possible for you...

What would it be like......

Can you imagine.....


Envision the future you.....

What if......

It’s my reality and that of MANY of the clients I’ve taught over the past 10 years.

I’d be so honored to teach you how to make it your reality too! 

That’s my specialty. 

let's work together

I can’t force you to move your body and signing up for this program won’t make you magically love the gym. Sorry! However, if you are interested in exploring how to move in a way that YOU like, or letting go of an “Exercise is punishment” mentality, I can absolutely help you do that. 

Is this program for me if I really hate exercise? 


It’s always important to check with your doctor before beginning any new program. Once you are cleared to exercise, I am experienced in creating programs to help support your hormonal needs. 

Is this program for me if I have PCOS/ hormonal imbalances? 

The weekly calls keep you engaged and actively working throughout the week- instead of slacking off and then “doing good” right before a check in (hey, no judgment! I do it too!). This high level of support is what allows my clients to make massive changes quickly and efficiently. During a typical call we will review the week, what went well, what needs attention and strategize recurring roadblocks. Lots of clients use calls as a chance to examine their thinking and reframe topics or habits that tend to trip them up. Each call and client is unique and calls are always catered to what is needed for the client to be successful.   

What do we talk about on the calls? I’m afraid I won’t like them…

We will schedule recurring calls based on a time that fits both our schedules.If a call needs to be rescheduled we will work together to see if there is another time that fits for both of us. Voice memos are an alternative many clients use when calls are not an option with their schedules. 

When/how will the calls take place & what if I can’t make it? 

Yes! I will design a program for you based on whatever space/ equipment you have access to. 

I work out at home. Will I be able to do the workouts? 

This package is 4 months of 1-1 coaching. You can choose to keep working with me after the 1-1 program or you can move into a maintenance program. It’s totally up to you. 

How much time will this program take?

Every client is unique and timelines always vary. What I typically notice is that clients feel massively better in month 1, see changes physically in month 1+ 2, and are thinking differently (THE ULTIMATE GOAL) by month 3. Most work done after the 3 month mark is solidifying the incredible changes you’ve made to last long term. This is not every client, but MOST are surprised by how good they feel after just one month. 

How long does it take for a typical client to see results? 

Due to the nature of this program, there are no refunds. 

What is your refund policy?

Let's do this!

Ready to start making Vibrant Health a
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How do you pick what’s important when you’re meeting a brand new friend? Who knows?! So here’s a little bit of everything... 

I am 100% not an almond mom, believe iced coffee is basically a vitamin, convinced all moms are real live saints, a firm believer TMI isn’t a thing, hoping they have chocolate chip cookies on demand in heaven, in awe of God on the daily, kinda hippie- kinda hood, not afraid of a well placed F bomb, believe dessert is a non-negotiable, + convinced canceled plans are heaven sent. 

Did I forget anything? Oh Ya– I made a full time gig out of linking arms with bad ass women and transforming the way they eat, move, and think. 

Stick around and you might just find yourself a radiant, glowing, goddess of health and wellness. The hott + happy kind….Don’t say I didn't warn you!

meet  your coach!

I'm Victoria —
certified personal trainer and nutrition coach.

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