10 Scientifically Proven Reasons To Dance [like, right now]

February 20, 2024

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Think you know all the reasons to dance? Take a look at this list and see if you knew all these crazy amazing benefits that come with busting a move!

When was the last time you broke out in dance? Or challenged someone to a dance battle? Or just got completely goofy in your kitchen while you wait for the noodles to boil?

Probably not super recently.

Dance was a regular part of our ancestors lives. And regardless of the area you originate from… there is a good chance that dance was a part of your culture.

When people knew how to listen to their bodies and tune into what they needed- they knew that dance was important. They might not have known all the reasons behind why it was so important- but thankfully today science shares with us the wisdom that our ancestors always held within.

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10 Scientifically Proven Reasons to Dance

1. Dance for Physical health:

Let's start with the obvious reasons to dance. Dancing is a fun form of exercise. And with it comes all the benefits you’d get from any other sweat session. Aerobic endurance, heart and lung health, muscular strength and endurance, strong bones, healthy joints, coordination, flexibility, agility, balance, and spatial awareness.

That list alone is plenty of reason to shake what your mama gave you, but wait- THERE'S MORE!

2. Dance for Development

Our average daily movements include sitting, walking in a straight line, going up stairs, and maybe running… but thats about it. We live and operate in whats known as the sagittal plane. When was the last time you shuffled to the side? Or walked backwards? Or wiggled your hips? By neglecting these types of movement we are lessening our ability to effectively use other planes of movement when we actually need them.

Do yourself a favor and flap your arms, shimmy backwards and side shuffle for a minute. Congrats! You just improved your health.

3. Find Confidence and Self Esteem

A byproduct of the physical and mental effects that come from dancing is an improved self-image. Looking at your self and your body in a positive light is one of the fastest ways to increase your confidence.

Letting go and letting loose on the dance floor (or in the kitchen) boosts creativity, fun, and an openness that allows us to love and appreciate ourselves more.

4. Pop, Lock and Drop to Boost Productivity

As the business world evolves, successful groups and companies are using dance and movement (even in the midst of a work day) to boost morale, increase energy, and support connectedness.

Do you have a giant to-do list? Turn on your favorite playlist, bust a move, and get to work.

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5. Dance for Better Cognitive Function

Studies are showing that parts of the brain- like learning, memory, and thinking- are impacted by activities like dance.

Want to decrease brain fog and boost academic performance? Turn on your favorite jams and get moving!

6. Dance is Therapy

If the brain boost that comes from dance isn’t enough- dance has also been used as therapy to treat patients with Parkinson’s disease, contributes to combat Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.

7. ‘Do the Shuffle’ to Support Psychological Wellbeing

Movement releases endorphins in the body which helps you feel happy and less stressed. Today, studies are showing that music can help relieve pain, reduce stress, and release dopamine to help you feel joy.

Combine the effects of music with the movement of dance and studies show more and more that dance decreases feelings of depression, and increases vitality. Get to grooving friends!!

8. Shimmy to Improve Social Skills

Busting out in dance alone in your kitchen or bedroom is fun. But there is nothing like a good dance party with other people. With your kids, your friends, a partner or your study group- there’s just something about a group of people moving to the beat of music that does wonders for the soul.

Dancing is inclusive- any person, of any ability can dance in their own way. And dancing with others is a great way to get creative, try new movements and meet new people.

9. Do it for Your Whole Life

Dancing is an activity you can do no matter your age or skill level. Talk about a lifelong activity! There are so many types of dance and the variety of options will allow you to find what fits the kind of movement you enjoy the most.

10. Boogie to Boost Your Mood

Dancing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to reduce stress. You can shake off the heavy parts of the day, celebrate the happy stuff, and express the parts that you cant quite put words to. Tony Robbins explains that emotion is created by motion. “Our emotions are linked to movement in our bodies” so if you need boost your mood, move your body.

If you hate to feel good, don’t like to think clearly, and think fun is overrated, I don’t suggest dancing.

But for the rest of us- there are too many reasons to dance to ignore.

Dance while you get ready for work, as you cook dinner, on your walk to the bathroom, with the kids before bedtime, or with your honey when they get home- but for the love– go dance!


Whats your favorite song to move to? Do you notice a difference in your mood after you dance? I love to hear from you! Let me know in the comments below!





P.S Ever wondered what it would feel like to view movement as a joyful new hobby…? To have a habit that was so refreshing that “skipping the gym” felt like missing a facial 🥲
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