Weight Loss Mindset: Generational Weight Wounds + How to Heal

September 26, 2023

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Ok first of all, um wow, you look great today.

I am so honored that you found your way to this page. Spending minutes with you is basically a dream come true- thanks so much for being here.

Today we are gonna talk about:

  • Generational weight wounds surrounding an unhealthy weight loss mindset
  • Why healing them is important
  • And how to model something better

** Note:  If you’re an aunt, sister, best friend, neighbor, teacher, caretaker etc. you are influencing the people around you. The way you talk about and relate to your body is something that will leave an impression on the people around you. This message is for you!

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What are generational weight wounds? 

Generational weight wounds are struggles, identities, beliefs, and mindsets that are passed down through generations that are harmful to physical, mental, and emotional health.

Today we will be talking about harmful weight loss mindsets and beliefs that we saw our own role models using to navigate weight loss.

Each of these phrases is from readers who submitted things they remember seeing and hearing.

Why healing them matters:

It’s important to acknowledge what doesn’t work and what causes harm so that we can do better moving forward.

We don’t need to shame or look down on the role models that we had- we can believe that they did the best they could with what they knew at the time. But it is our responsibility as individuals to do better when we know better.

Weight Loss Mindset Shift ONE:

She used to say: 
“That food will make you fat” or “That food is bad”

Try this instead:
That isn’t nourishing for your body, let’s pick something that feeds your brain and body so you feel good on the inside.

That isn’t providing your body with very many nutrients to work with- what can you have with it so your body has what it needs today?

Hot Take: 
Not all food is created equal, (that part is true) but it’s the habits we build around them that make or break our health. Education and exploration around what foods are made of and what they provide your body is a great place to start.

Weight Loss Mindset Shift two:

She used to say: 
“I’ve been bad today”

Try this instead:
Today I made choices that didn’t feel good for my body/ brain. Now that I noticed it, I’ll be more aware tomorrow.

Hot Take: 
If you are working toward a weight loss goal and you have a day that includes more cookies than you planned for, it’s easy to feel like you messed up. Sister, that shame leads nowhere. And the flip side of ignoring it ALSO leads nowhere. The best thing you can do is notice where you’re at, notice how you feel, and commit to keep practicing until you find a balance that is sustainable and moves you toward your goal.

Weight Loss Mindset Shift three:

She used to say: 
“I’ve been so good today”

Try this instead:
“I’ve been making choices that feel good for my body today! I’m so proud."

Hot Take: 
It feels GOOD when you decide to work toward a weight loss goal and the day goes smoothly. Instead of linking “feeling good” to restriction— link it to the new habits you’re creating that are going to serve you long-term.

Weight Loss Mindset Shift four:

She used to say: 
“Oo, I really shouldn’t”

Try this instead:
“I noticed that food doesn’t make me feel good. I’ll have this instead”

Hot Take: 
It is OK to have a new standard for what you put in your body. That’s often an important part of making a change to your eating. The thing to remember is that it’s not about should or shouldn’t. It’s about making choices and creating new habits that SERVE you. Mind, body, and spirit, baby.

Weight Loss Mindset Shift five:

She used to say: 
“I’ve hardly eaten today!” (Like it’s a good thing)

Try this instead:
“I’ve hardly eaten today, no wonder I feel _________ (exhausted, cranky, unfocused, upset, short, etc.)"

Hot Take: 
This is the equivalent of getting a new car and saying “Look! I only filled the tires up halfway! Isn’t this great?”
No, Linda. You’re about to crash

Weight Loss Mindset Shift six:

She used to say: 
“This is just so hard to maintain”

Try this instead:
"I’ll have to make some adjustments to make this more sustainable for where I’m at right now"

Hot Take:
RIP to all diets that require you to sign over your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. If you can’t do it long-term, should you be doing it?

Weight Loss Mindset Shift seven:

She used to say: 
“Mommy can’t have that fun stuff”

Try this instead:
“That food doesn’t feel good for Mommy, I’ll have this instead while we sit together."

“I’m practicing paying attention to how food feels in my body. This choice feels better for me”

Hot Take:
Like I said, a new standard for what you put in your body is ok (and often needed). But the reason behind the change is not to restrict fun— it’s to feel your best. Sometimes saying yes to the cookie gets you there and sometimes saying no gets you there. You’re in charge of picking each time.

The main takeaway here is…

The women that went before us did their BEST.
Now that we know better, we can do better for the next generation.

Paying attention to nutrition and working for weight loss doesn’t have to be damaging.
It’s full of opportunities to model healthy boundaries, habits, and self-talk. But it starts with how we talk!

It takes one person to change the tone in a family or friend group.
It takes one person to model something new.
Let’s be those people.


Which phrases about weight loss mindset sound familiar to you?  Let me know in the comments how you’re doing it differently!

P.S. I bet you know someone who could use this reminder. Be a doll and send them this link would ya!?

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