7 Healthy Eating Habits

October 3, 2023

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healthy breakfast


Let’s get personal.

Today we are going over my top 7 healthy eating habits (+ a few bonus tips!)

Now, let’s not be goofballs here— I’m not saying you need to do what I do or that I am better at life than you are if you do it differently.. mmkay?

I just find it so helpful to see a template when I’m making adjustments to my own stuff. By providing you with some details about what I do and why, I hope that you will be inspired to experiment, research, or try again in your own healthy eating journey.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

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7 Healthy Eating Habits
(My foundation for healthy Living)

1. I eat when I wake

All ya’ll intermittent fasters are having a panic attack right now- I know, I know… I eat when I wake up – the horror.

Here’s the thing- I am HUNGRY in the morning. My appetite is healthy and I don’t want to get in the habit of suppressing it.

I also tend to be busy with two wild boys throughout the day— if I have a chance to eat, I take it otherwise I’ll end up undereating— by a lot.

2. Protein-focused plates

I’m not one of those nuts (no offense carnivore friends, I’ll try it someday) that only eats meat. But every meal is centered around protein.

Protein is essential for satiation.

When you eat it should SATISFY you… meaning you don’t need a snack 30 minutes later. Also- WHO HAS THE TIME to eat that often? Is there anything more annoying than spending time cooking, eating, and cleaning— only to be hungry again? Can I get an amen from the moms in the house?

When I eat I want to make it count. I shoot for 40g of protein at each meal to hit my protein goal for the day. For me, it is easiest to pick the protein and build the rest around it. In fact, I just got done eating a can of Ahi Tuna (43g P), a slice of Daves killer bread (17g C), and a few fresh pickles! A well-rounded meal that will keep me full until dinner. Praise.

3. No Snacking necessary

If you haven’t picked up on the fact that I want to/ have to be efficient in my eating habits – I’ll say it again… Mama don’t got time for that.

But also- when I feel the need to snack it’s a good indicator that my most recent meal might not have been enough. This just signals me to make a mental note of it for next time.

I’m not a super strict wacko that would refuse to let myself snack if I was hungry— but I am being intentional with my meals so that I don’t have to snack. I’ve found that by centering my meals around protein I am able to eat and move on with my day.

There is also evidence that suggests that eating and then giving your body time to digest it (instead of constantly grazing) is better for your long-term health. Yes, please. In a dream world- I would eat 3 bigger meals a day. With the season of life that I am in I tend to break it up into 4 to make sure I hit my macro goals.

4. I usually have a 12-hour eating window

Most people don’t need to be eating for 12+ hours a day, yet the average American has a 12-15 hours eating window. There is also lots of evidence that a 12-hour fast has major health benefits for long-term health.

So while I personally don’t get down with intermittent fasting- I do keep my eating window to less than 12 hours/ day. Usually 5:30/6ish AM- 4:30/5ish PM

5. I’m ingredient conscious 

Since the dawn of time…./ since when I was a young kid, I’ve been more prone to lean toward what’s been around longest and healthily skeptical of the latest new trend.

This means that as a kid, I ate butter instead of “I can’t believe it’s not butter” and we drank whole milk instead of skim milk or almond milk. As I grew up and became more aware of all the EXTRA stuff that gets added to our food to make sure it can last longer, I have become a religious label reader. I’m not claiming to be perfect- but I always read labels and try to make the best choice that is available.

For example, I was grabbing heavy whipping cream yesterday. Most brands had extra sugar, gums, and even natural flavors. After looking at several options I was able to find the one with just cream. PRAISE.

*And yes, if you’re wondering— Ben does not enjoy going to the grocery store with me. 

6. I know my macros, but don’t obsess over them

I spent a solid chunk of time learning about the macro ratio that fits where I am at right now. During that learning period, I was meticulous in tracking (IMO this learning period is essential and when you’re in it you should commit and track every bite).

But once I got the hang of it I started using it as more of a general guide. I can stick to my numbers pretty easily without much thought. This is ideal for me!

When I start a new workout program or feel that I am super low energy I will go back to tracking to make sure that I am eating enough to support my body and goals.

7. I eat to be strong, not to be skinny

It took me a while to realize the difference between “trying not to eat too much” vs “eating enough to support my body”. I have never been the girl that is worried about trying not to eat too much. I have had an appetite since day one.

TRUE STORY: I was born at 5 pm in less than 30 minutes- my mom jokes that I was worried about missing dinner because I came out ready. to. eat.

Nevertheless— eating to support your body and the goals you have is a MUCH different vibe than just trying to get through the day not eating too much. One is rooted in love for your body- and one is rooted in fear OF your body.

Read that again sister.

healthy breakfast

Bonus healthy eating tips

When it comes to treats: answer the call better

I am… a dessert connoisseur. We already talked about my big appetite. This goes hand in hand with that.

I love a good slice of cake.
Or a cookie.
Or pie ( thanks a lot, now I’m craving pie).

My point is…I don’t believe in cutting out all the best parts of life. I DO believe that we can learn to answer the call better.

Most of the popular treats today are loaded with sugar and low-quality ingredients- these days it is actually way easy to find a brand that does it better (or make it at home if you can). I am always thinking about satisfaction— a treat done well will leave you satisfied. A cheap treat leaves you craving more. So, my approach is to answer the sweet tooth call- but do it better.

For more on this, checkout this post.

Stay flexible with the protocol

Dude. No one tells you what an absolute rollercoaster the life thing is— a busy week at work? Deadlines? A spouse that works overtime? CHILDREN?

Talk about throwing a wrench in the plan.

Staying flexible in my approach is essential. I have to be realistic about the season of life I’m in, the state of my mental and physical health, any symptoms or injuries I’m experiencing, and the demands of the day-to-day.

My goal is vibrant health from now until I’m 103. I have to maintain perspective and I have to create healthy long-term eating habits that support the vision of vibrant health. That requires consistent reflection and self-inventory.  What worked for me when I was 20 doesn’t fit into my life as an almost 30 mom of 2. Flexible, but consistent. That’s the sweet spot for me.


There you have it - my 7 healthy eating habits (+ bonus tips) that are my foundation for healthy eating!

Thanks for reading,

It means the world to me that you stop by my slice of the World Wide Web— how freakin’ cool.

I’m praying for vibrant health for you and yours —

Talk soon.



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