How to Control Sugar Cravings – 4 Surprisingly Easy Swaps

August 29, 2023

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This quick read will give you the tools you need to stop sugar cravings in their tracks.

And no, I’m not gonna tell you to try harder or “just eat some gum”. #lame.

Often, people are fearful that sugar cravings will ruin their progress. But that’s just not the truth. In fact, trying to MASTER a sweet tooth with willpower is often more detrimental than just enjoying the treat would be. 

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Why stop sugar cravings? 

The easy-to-reach-for treats (Candy, fast food, chips, store-bought) are DESIGNED to get the best of us. Food scientists spend MILLIONS analyzing the crunch, the texture, the smell, and the way it makes your brain respond in each second from the time it touches your tongue to the time you swallow.

It’s literally a science. They know the right combo of sugar, fat, and salt to optimize for deliciousness. They know how to create flavors that are bold enough to keep you from getting bored WHILE ALSO not getting overwhelmed by the flavor.

So if you are having a hard time putting the snacks down or stopping at “just one” know that it’s not because you’re a failure and have zero willpower.

It’s because your brain has been hacked.

Wanting a treat is probably never gonna go away— so why not learn how to work with your sweet tooth instead of against it?

4 easy swaps to stop sugar cravings

Swap 1: Dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate is rich and because of that, it’s hard to overeat.  If you don’t love dark chocolate- practice with it. As you eat less of the artificially created flavors and textures your tastebuds will change and you just might like it. As your tastebuds adjust, try to eat a darker and darker blend.

Swap 2: Go for Homemade 

Homemade anything is a great option for sweet tooth cravings because you have to make it first. It’s less likely to be an emotional and mindless grab. Homemade also means you control the ingredients, you are aware of what it’s made of and you are practicing delayed gratification. And bonus- unless you happen to be one of the rude food scientists we’ve referenced above- you probably won’t stumble into the perfect combo of flavor and dullness that will get you to scarf down the entire creation in the blink of an eye.

Swap 3: Ingredient Conscious

Ingredient-conscious means that you are paying attention to what makes up the treat. A chocolate with a few ingredients, a local homemade ice cream, or a homemade cookie will have a fraction of the ingredients that a highly processed option will have.  A general rule of thumb is that if a treat has 5 ingredients or less, it’s a better-for-you choice!

Swap 4: Individually Wrapped 

Individually wrapped is a great hack for the times when you need the treat and “lower” quality store-bought treats are all you have access to. It’s easier to overeat when you buy a carton of ice cream (and can easily sneak another few spoonfuls) vs a box of single-wrapped drumsticks. The wrapped cone is a set portion amount that is harder to sneak “just one more bite” from. Plus, the pile of wrappers will hold you accountable to acknowledging how many you’ve had!

There you have it.

4 surprisingly simple swaps to stop sugar cravings in their tracks.

Don’t forget, wanting a treat isn’t bad! Learn how to answer the call better and you will never find yourself knee-deep in a bag of Oreos at 11 pm- ever- again.

What’s your go-to sweet treat? Share below so we can all do better together!

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