5 “Zero-Dollar” Weight Loss Hacks – Get Healthy in the New Year

November 21, 2023

5 Truth Bombs to Master Your Macros

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HEY HEY! Today we are talking about five of my favorite weight loss hacks that actually work and will cost you *zero* dollars. gasp!

At this point in the year- detoxes, cleanse products (aka “poop your pants til they fit” products), juicers, and fancy new blenders all go on sale with LOUD promises that say— THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO FINALLY BE HAPPY AND SKINNY.

I’m going to save you the heartache and some dolla dolla bills this year:

They’re wrong. Again.

Instead of cheap band-aid fixes that promise to make us weigh less (and then can’t even deliver) let’s focus on putting our time, energy, and money toward things that actually help us bloom. The goal is that we’re always evolving into better, more beautiful versions of ourselves. And if it’s not…shouldn’t it be?

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Harmful Quick-Fix Solutions to Ignore

This list is not all-encompassing- (because neither of us has all day) but here are 7 tempting quick fixes you can ignore this New Year.

1. Anything that promises a “jump-start” to your metabolism

She ain’t dead. She is slow cuz your habits don’t demand otherwise. A pill, shake, detox, or cleanse won’t change that. 

2. Anything that offers a set number of pounds in a set number of weeks

K, but how do they know? And Is it sustainable? 

3. A 1200-calorie eating plan

Do. Not. Get. Me. Started.

4. A Juicer

Unless you love wasting money and like the taste of celery water and have way too much cupboard space- 10/10 do not recommend.

5. A fat burner pill of any kind

No…just no. 

6. A low-calorie food mail-order service

A sneaky way to spend a lot of money that will leave you hungry, unsatisfied, ashamed, and with unsustainable results.
Save your money- Eat. Real. Food.

7. Any program with a strict set of rules for a strict set of time

All these prove is that you can follow rules. What happens when the 12 weeks are up? 

What to do Instead to Get Healthy in the New Year

I’ll preach it til the cows come home (err.. until my husband lets me get a cow) – sustainable results are the only results worth getting.
Is it really worth your time, energy, emotions, and money to lose weight… only to be carrying it again at this time next year?
It’s time to invest in better habits, deeper education, and personal healing that will serve you long-term.

holiday health tips - friends around a holiday meal

Here are 5 “zero-dollar” weight loss hacks (read: skills) to focus on instead of the old quick-fix options:

1. Practice Cooking Meals at Home

I say practice because if you’re like I was (aka zero skill in the kitchen) this can be intimidating. Commit to cooking one recipe a week and just practice getting a feel for chopping and sizzling (and sometimes burning, hehe) food! This is one of the most pivotal changes you can make for your health. By cooking at home, you control the ingredients. Often times making the same meal, but at home, drastically improves the quality. Your waistline and wallet will thank you.
Here are a few of my fav places with simple (but yummy) recipes:

2. Learn about nutrition labels and ingredient lists

Understanding what to look for on the label will change the game. Instead of just glancing at the calorie count, you can finally understand what foods are made of and if/how they will serve your body. (a quick tip is to look for items with fewer than 5 ingredients).

And when comparing macronutrients- a food that is lower in carbs and higher in protein or healthy fat will protect you from insulin spikes and short-term satisfaction.

3. Get educated on macros + create a personalized plan. 

When it comes to tactical things you can do to change your physical health, a solid understanding of macros is at the top of the list. Dr. Lyon is a leading doctor and I love her approach to macro counting- it’s designed with having a high quality of life up until our last day on earth. Check out her free guide “The Lyon Protocol” here.

Checkout some of the resources I have on Macros below:

4. Master your emotional triggers

Learning to recognize the feelings and triggers that lead to negative eating habits is unbelievably valuable.
Most of the eating that takes place in a day is based on habit, not hunger. So if your habits are not intentional or if they’re reactive to the emotions that you’re feeling at any given moment- you’re gonna have a hard time.
There are so many ways to go about this, but therapy or a coach is a great place to start. If you like to read- Brene Brown’s book, Atlas of the Heart, breaks down how to recognize and redeem feelings as they come. Naming feelings when they are happening is a powerful tool for creating awareness and habit change.

5. Create accountability with close friends

This is a double edged sword– we can’t make other people responsible for our health, BUT incorporating friends or family members into healthy habits will help reinforce them. Grab 2-4 pals and create your own accountability group.

You can meet at the gym, send sweaty selfies in the group text, or all work toward a common goal together. Community is powerful because when the motivation isn’t there, your soul sister might have some to share. Just make sure that you stay aware that your health is ultimately YOUR responsibility.

P.S. Need an accountability buddy? I got you!


Anything that promises to solve all your problems and bring you results fast— is a straight up lie. 
There are no quick fixes. Instead invest your time, energy, and money elsewhere. Learning to cook, learning to read nutrition labels, personalizing macros, recognizing triggers, and creating accountability are great places to start. 

Ok, NOW you’re ready to get healthy in the New Year. 😎

Do yourself a favor and stop investing in the silly stuff that has PROVEN itself to be ineffective. Instead, invest in yourself. These are the weight loss hacks that will ACTUALLY move the needle in your health journey.

I understand that it’s “easier” to just buy the juicer and pretend that you’ll use it. But you and I both know that’s not gonna happen.

When you’re ready to hop off the diet culture train wreck and into food freedom, personal peace, and serious empowerment…THIS IS WHERE YOU START.

Alright sister, I’ll let you go.
I think you’re incredible and I hope you get to spend the day with people who HYPE 👏🏼YOU 👏🏼UP👏🏼





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