A virtual workout membership. I make the workouts, You do them at your own gym (or at home)! And I’ll check in with you EVERY WEEK to make sure you are showing up, getting fit, and having fun!

Your Fit Friend


It’s like a personal trainer in your pocket… 

Except it’s way more fun. 

YOUR FIT FRIEND was designed because I was sick of seeing my people start a workout program… and then fall off the wagon. When I nudged them along and encouraged them through the tough weeks - they stuck with it. Hmmm.. That’s when I realized we all need a fit friend! Someone to keep us engaged and showing up! 

It requires you to show up, give what you’ve got, and come back tomorrow.

Can we talk about the daily grind for a second?

Let's be
Fit Friends!

...and it’s so much better when we’re together. 

Celebrate at the end of the month with the progress you’ve made! 

New workout drop

Keep motivation high with weekly coach check in

Get to

Pick your program

How it Works

Do your own double takes! Look at you go, honey!!

Accidentally transform into a health goddess

Set your goals

Set your goals

Get to

Designed for simplicity

Can be done with little to no equipment

Easy to modify

Great for beginners 

Body Weight at Home

These workouts are:

Focused on building strength in the basics 

30 minutes or less!

The Programs

Focused on strength training + Cardiovascular health

Best done with access to equipment like dumbbells, treadmills and other gym equipment.

30-45 minutes long

Best for people who have worked out before +/or graduates of the Body Weight + at Home Program. 

HIIT + Strength
Training Combo 

These workouts are:

Designed for efficiency + progression

Designed for progression

Focus is strength training

45min workouts

Gym access strongly encouraged (Dumbells, barbells, kettlebells, etc)

Strength Training

These workouts are:

For experienced lifters or graduates of the HIIT and Strength Program above

I'm so in!

“My biggest transformation was learning how to optimize my day- small tweaks helped me to succeed and not just worry about my weight”

 "My tummy is a lot flatter and I'm feeling a lot more confident in my suit! My friends are complimenting me!"

“I'm realizing that I can find joy and healing in movement- it's not about punishment or performance anymore”


Results my clients see...

“I didn’t know what to expect but I got so much out of this and I learned a lot!! You took so many notes and paid such close attention to me. I felt listened to throughout.” 

Get STarted Now


(+ price lock guarantee when you commit to the year. billed monthly/yearly) 

+ New program every 4 weeks
+ Demo video library
+ Weekly check-in's from your coach
+ Monthly goal setting with your coach
+ Progress Tracker Sheets
+ Coach Access for questions, pep talks, and troubleshooting

what's included

Accountability Coaching

I need a coach!

$99/ MOnth

- or -

$115 / MOnth

 (for 3 mo commitment)

I have multiple clients that have been in this program for more than 5 years!! Never get bored with workouts, stay excited with monthly goals, and engaged with coach accountability. It really really works. 

Does this actually work?

You pick the level you love! You can stay at one or bounce around for more variety. It’s totally up to you! I want you to love your new workout habit- so if you’re happy, I’m happy! 

Can I stay on one level or do I have to move up over time? 

Imagine having a personal trainer in your pocket (me, me, me)! I’ll send you a message each week to check on how you are doing. You can ask me questions about workouts, we can chat about struggles, work on your mindset, celebrate wins or set goals together. I limit the number of clients that are allowed in each program so that I can give each client the attention they deserve. Across all of my programs, my clients love the check ins!! 

How do the check in’s work? 


I’ve got almost a DECADE in the fitness industry (wait whaaaat?). I studied Exercise Science in college and have my certificate in Exercise Physiology (which is basically fancy talk for- I know what I’m doing!) 

I started this program when I was pregnant with my first baby and wasn’t able to train my clients at the gym anymore. That was over 5 YEARS ago and the people that signed up then are still getting workouts from me today! This works! 

meet  your coach!

I'm Victoria —
certified personal trainer and nutrition coach.

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Your Fit Friend

Sick of doing it alone? 
Get your stuff, I’ll meet you at “the gym”. 

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