Setting New Year’s Goals + New Years Resolution Worksheet

November 28, 2023

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Setting New Year's goals doesn't have to be painful or discouraging. Alas, my friends. There is a better way. The secret to setting really great goals is to see the whole picture (and following along with my simple New Years Resolution worksheet!)

Let's dive in!

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I have a theory about why people hate new year's resolutions. 

The discouragement that follows is painful. 
They start by picking random vague superficial goals.
They try for 1- 6 weeks.
Then forget about it. 

It might seem painless but when you step back, it’s clear as day.

No result +  discouragement that comes from not succeeding = Uncomfortable and discouraged

This compounds over years with goals like “Finally lose the weight!” Or “run my first half marathon” Or “start my business for REAL”.

Year's worth of hope quietly transformed into tons of discouragement.

Like I said, there is a reason people hate setting New Year's goals.

I have good news! There is a better way.
The secret to setting really great goals is to see the whole picture. 

You can’t just say- “save more money”— because what the eff does that mean? Like, really?

But- When you know what you want, when you want it, why you want it, what it will look like daily to get there, what’s in the way, and what’s supporting you— you have a much better chance.

So, what do you do about it? Let's look at the best way to effectively set New Year's goals.

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There are 3 parts of effective New Year's goal setting:  

    • Vision Casting

    • Clarity (aka, the details)

    • Implementation

Ready to get to work? You can download the free new years resolution worksheet here.

Are you ready to ACTUALLY achieve some stuff this year?
Let’s. freakin. go.


Step one is to cast a vision.

In vision casting, the most important first step is to completely eliminate the SHOULD.
Burn that fucker.

Here is a book if you struggle with the Should Monster.

You can should yourself into a lot of garbage. It’s a great way to distract yourself from what you actually want, with what you think is the right answer. It’s the grown-up way of cheating on a test. Except- surprise! Everyone has different versions and you just threw away your one chance at excellence. Cool.

Focus on what you want to feel; What character traits you’d like to experience; How you’d like to be known; What you want to say you got better at by the end of the year.

You can do this about your life in general, or you can break it up into smaller chunks (family, career, finances, health, etc.)

Once you have eliminated the should, let all the ideas spill from your mind. Judgment free. You don’t have to understand the “how” yet. You’re just getting an idea of where you’d like to go.

P.S: It’s important to note that it doesn’t have to be an achievement goal ( save x dollars, lose x pounds). It could be “ I want to feel calm in the school drop-off line”  or “I want less nervous boob sweat while cooking”. 

2024 party


Next up, get specific.
Pick one area from the vision you cast and make it specific. If it’s vague, there will be no progression.

Focus on what you want to feel in each area and explain what that would look like in your daily life.

For example:  A vague goal of “Lose weight” becomes—

“I want to feel confident in my body. I want to get dressed and feel good in the clothes that I wear. My goal is for my size x jeans to be comfortable and not make me want to fight someone. I want to know what foods feel good for my body and what style of eating is the most effective for me”

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How much clearer of a picture did you just get compared to when I said “I want to lose weight” 

MUCH better, right?
Ok, next step.

Reflect on the roadblocks:

Why are you not feeling this way/experiencing this vision already? What’s in the way? Was there a time before when you had what you’re reaching for now? What was different about then?

Next up, Support: 

Get specific (Again!) on what supports this feeling and what doesn’t. What people, places, habits, moods, and activities contribute support for this goal? List the people, habits, places, etc. that undermine the goal and get in the way.

Next, create a mission statement

The last part of creating clarity is to put all the pieces (The who what, why, where, the roadblocks + the support) together. Write a mission statement that will propel you forward and support you through the tough parts. This is something that you lean on daily to stay engaged and aware of what you’re working toward!

Do this on your own or grab my free new years resolution worksheet here!


You guys.

You can have all the details carved into stone- but if you don’t know what the process looks like in your daily life…you’ve missed it.

This part has to be black and white.
I’m running 30 minutes, 3x a week” 
“I’m reducing my extra spending to __/paycheck”
“I will only eat out twice a month” 
“I’m listening to meditation for 10 minutes before bed” 
“I will add 50 dollars to each car payment” 

You get the gist, right?
This part has to be so clear that every single day you can check in and say— DONE.


Ok, so what do you think? Is that different than the normal goal-setting you do? Feeling discouraged about setting New Year’s goals is not fun, give yourself a fighting chance and follow the prompts above or grab the free new years resolution worksheet. There are prompts, templates, and a bonus accountability check-in sheet for you to stay engaged throughout the process!

P.S. Don’t forget you’re kick ass and you deserve to feel like it— get to work, Sister.





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