How to Ditch Toxic Diet Culture

December 5, 2023

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Has anyone told you that you look incredible today?

I can hardly believe a human as radiant as you isn’t getting smacked daily with this compliment- but in case you haven’t heard it quite yet— YOU LOOKING GOOD.

We all know that B— Toxic diet culture.
Well to put it bluntly: I’m kinda sick of her shit. 

She is going around town running her mouth about things that leave some of the most beautiful, smart, capable women I know— WORRIED.

I’m nothing if not a ride-or-die gal pal— and personally…
I think she needs to be stopped. 

Ok, so like I said- weighty topic today.
Do you have a snack? Grab it and let’s go.

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The Sneaky Play of Toxic Diet Culture:

Here’s the message that is being passed around by this shady B:
“You aren’t good enough like that” 
Rude. I know.
And also so sneaky.

This chick has stayed in business all these years because she operates with one of the oldest abusive strategies in the book.

If all she ever did was yell “YOU’RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH LIKE THAT” people would walk around like— “ugh. There’s that chick- she’s so rude. No becky- you actually can’t sit with us”. 

And then her reign would be over.

But homegirl is smart. And she plays it that way.
She tells you aren’t enough, but splashes in a little hope—
“You aren’t good like that, but you could be if…” 
BOOM. That’s all it takes and we are like putty in her gross little fingers.
Our brains can essentially skip over the painful lie to the solution— “but what do I do to fix it?” 

And here is her next sneaky play. 
It’s usually something fairly easy to do, buy, or contort. 

“Just straighten your hair and you’ll look so sexy”,
“Have you seen those new pants? They will help you look curvier”,
“Botox, honey. Smooth those wrinkles- everyone is doing it”,
“No no, not that angle”
“If you had a thigh gap, these pants would look incredible on you”
“Is your upper lip kinda small? Hmm. Try this lip filler”
See. It’s not just plain mean.

It’s super mean with a small dash of hope. 
She says “don’t worry that you’re not good enough like that, I have something that will fix it”


Here’s the thing dude, I’m all about constructive criticism. But that’s not what this is.
This is a moving target that has you spending time, energy, and emotions trying to hit a bullseye— only to move the target 2 feet to the left.


How many times have we watched the standard for beauty change just in our lifetime?
Flare jeans. ——Just kidding- as skinny as you can go.
You need low rise, dummy. ———Nvm, High Rise.
Thigh gaps for days. ———Just kidding, big booty for life.

Toxic Diet Culture says: fix yourself to match what I say is beautiful. 

The issue with this is that when you allow a “thing” ( a person, place, industry, movement, etc.) decide what is beautiful- you are always always always chasing.
The target will never stop moving.
You will never be enough.
And the exhaustion that comes from never quite “getting it” will set up camp in your heart.

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You are:
a miracle.
And You are stunning.
As. You. Are.

The things that make you, you- your laugh, your curves, your lack of curves, the crinkle by your eye— they’re freaking beautiful.

And when you own them and love them without waiting for the world to decide “they’re in”— you win.
And the people around you win because we get to experience you in the truest, most beautiful expression that you are.


It’s easier than you think

Toxic diet culture had a CRAZY good run. She told our grandmothers and moms and aunts and sisters that they weren’t quite good enough but they “could be if________”

And while she strutted around unchallenged we lost hundreds of thousands of REAL WOMEN. With wrinkles & big-toothed grins. With freckles & funky fashion. And with shape & loud laughs.

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So here’s what we do for ourselves and the generations to come:

We stop chasing.
Toxic diet culture has no power unless we give it to her.
We decide that we are beautiful as we are.
And we lean into the things that make us, us.
We stop trying to match.
We pause when we see the bait. “You could be if…”
And we remember the truth—

We are enough.
As is.

You got this.




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