How to Stay Consistent with Working Out

April 23, 2024

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Want to learn how to stay consistent with working out even when life is CRAZY? You’re in the right place!

Here are the 5 secrets I tell my clients to get super consistent.

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I have been a “worker outer” for a decade and a half. And I’ve been teaching other people how to do the same for more than 5 years now. While I might not have all the answers-what I’m about to share is pretty dang important.

I started building my habit young.

For years I worked out at the same time, in the same place, with the same intensity, for the same duration. I built the habit, it worked, what could go wrong?

Well. Nothing went wrong, but life got full and started moving fast.

My perfectly contained habit didn’t fit in the new life I was building. New jobs, new cities, new schedules, a baby, a cleft lip, surgeries, long distance commuting– it would be a blessing for two days to look even slightly similar.

But they didn’t.

From living alone for weeks at a time, to having non-stop contact with the other humans you live with- it was hard to create consistency in a place that I had never struggled to find it before.

My workouts started to fill the random tiny pockets of time throughout my days.

I learned how to be efficient, how to rest when it was necessary, and how to want it more than I ever needed to in the past

I’m a regular mom, wife, woman, and athlete that had to figure out how to make fitness a priority in the midst of some pretty crazy days.

5 secrets for staying consistent with working out in the midst of a season of stress.

The BIGGEST downfall to progress is a lack of consistency.

And I’m here to say- I FEEL YOU. Because as I’m sure you know- life is fast paced.

We have work, we have babies, we have families, we have side hustles, we have house projects to finish, vacations to plan, laundry to fold, flat tires to fix, new jobs to start, finals week to ace, injuries to heal, extra credit due, surgery to recover from—and that’s just to name a few.

Side note: That’s a quick recap of my last 6 months. So I really do understand the struggle.

It’s hard to get into a good rhythm when life is constantly throwing curve balls.

But I have news for you.


Your physical and mental health are too dang IMPORTANT to sideline when things get a little hanky.

This list is made with the hopes that when you get hit with one or two or seven curve balls- you can maintain the healthy habit that you’ve worked so hard to build.

Number 1: The RAMP UP:

This tip is for people who know a crazy time is coming.  The baby is due, finals are coming, its moving day, the house is under construction, vacation is approaching, etc.

I call this the Ramp Up because…well, were gonna ramp up our “fitness-ing”.

It is true that when chaos hits we don’t always have a heads up- but SOMETIMES we do. So if you know something is coming that will truly throw you out of your routine and most likely end up messing with your workout habit- your first thought should be to use every single day leading up as a chance to nail the heck outta that habit.


FIRST: going into something crazy, you’ll need your wits about you.

Forget the physical benefits (although…they’re awesome) just doing this for the mental clarity, endorphin boost, and straight up oxygen to the brain- is PLENTY of reason to make sure you get your sweat in.

There can be so much thrown at you- do what you can to lighten the load. You might feel anxious or worried or scared of what’s coming and that’s fine- but do your body and brain a favor, and take every chance you can to make the crazy days just a little bit easier.

Secondly: When you’re approaching chaos it’s easy to get into the habit of thinking that there is no point in going to the gym because you’ll lose your progress or you’ll end up having to quit anyways.

And sister friend..


If you take time to master the habit leading up to the busy days, you are 99.999999% more likely to make it work later on (#STATS).

Build the habit now, let yourself feel good while things are calm and then face the crazy one day at a time.

So do yourself a favor and get in the race! Don’t sideline yourself before it even starts.

Number 2: Protect the Habit.

I am a pretty big believer that you should be able to squish 30 minutes of movement into your day. Somewhere. Somehow.

Will it always be pretty? No.
Will it always move you one step closer to your goal? Nope.
Will it always be easy and very clear cut on when and how to do so? Hahahahahah. Fat- freakin- chance, babe.
But doing something is better than nothing. And not for the reasons you may think.

When the crazy hits its natural to trim things out of your mind and routine. The less to worry about- the better chances you have of making it out alive. Right?

But if you can think about protecting the habit that you’ve built- not the intensity or the time or the number of reps- but the habit– you will be much more successful at maintaining your momentum.

So if you always workout at 9 am but you are hosting your grandparents and cousins sister, and best friends parents (#WhyTho) – then do something at 9 am to tell your brain you’re still in it.

Can you sit and stretch while everyone drinks their morning coffee?
Do your best friends parents go on a walk around the neighborhood?
Can you hide in your closet for 3 minutes and do a wall sit?

Protect the habit.


Protecting the habit means that you’re subconsciously telling your brain- “hey man, I know it’s crazy right now, but this is still important”.
(Sidenote- If you aren’t talking to yourself like this…what are you even doing with your life?) 

If you legitimately cannot do thirty minutes of movement then do what you can to make sure that your brain doesn’t write movement off as “something that you used to do”.

If you take the time to signal your brain that it’s still a priority- it will HELP YOU by keeping the habit stored right up in the front row. And when the crazy days pass, your brain will say “So are we doin this?” and you’ll be right back into your routine.

Victoria Reece coaching family

Number 3: Simple, but effective.

I’ve touched on this- but NOW when your toddler is running around with a broken arm and your husband has the flu and you are in the middle of prepping for a gigantic meeting- now is not the time to try for a personal record.

Now is the time to get in and get it done as efficiently as you can.

Instead of shooting for personal records or creating a complex program- save your mental energy for tackling the real work- wherever and however that is showing up in your life.

Keep it simple so that your brain can reset while you work.

  • Looking to lift? Pick five exercises and do 3 sets of 10.
  • Wanna get nice and sweaty and zone out? Try hopping on a bike or treadmill and pop in your favorite podcast to make sure you see it through.
  • If you have no access to equipment but you need to get something in, pick a leg exercise, an arm exercise, and an exercise to get your heart rate up. Do 1 minute of each for as long as you have time for.

If you are still not sure how to make a simple but effective workout, I have a whole pile of them for you! Check out this free workout page and get your sweat on!

Just remember to keep it simple, and eventually when the chaos is over you’ll be ready to set that record because you’ve been consistent despite the struggle!

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Number 4: Schedule it in… or don’t.

There are a million quotes from a million successful people who all agree that if you don’t set time aside BEFORE the last minute, you’ll miss out.

Now. If we apply this to our topic of surviving chaos- it can be easy to explain away why scheduling something might not work all that well. But this tip is more about being aware of your situation, and deciding what approach is best for where you’re at right now.

If your workload has increased, schedule movement in before work or at lunch. Or maybe you decide you’ll ride your bike to work to be extra efficient. Maybe you have friends in town and you have to let them know that you’re free to hang but you always get your workout in at 7am. Maybe you tell your husband that on Wednesday at 6pm there is a zumba class and you’re signing up because you can’t get to the early morning session.

Schedule it ahead of time. ….Or. Don’t.

For the chaos that doesn’t come with clear cut work hours or start and stop timelines- scheduling it can be quite impossible. I get that.

Give yourself general guidelines. Like, “during the babies first nap, I’ll do my workout”. Or “By 2:30 this afternoon, I’ll have my workout done”.

As often as you can, scheduling ahead of time is key. But when you’re not in control of your schedule give yourself some room to work with before you throw in the towel.

Number Five: The most important one. Grace.

When you are in the middle of some crazy days- you gotta have grace for yourself and the season that you’re in.

Don’t skip out on trying just because its gonna be hard, but at the end of the day- if you really did try and it just didn’t come together… it’s OK.

That’s just life. And tomorrow is another day, with another chance to knock that curve ball outta the park.

quote about how to stay consistent with working out

So there it is. 5 Secrets to staying consistent with working out.

Ramp Up
Protect the Habit
Simple, but Effective
Schedule It

Master these.

It’s important.

Your entire life and legacy and influence in this world are dependent on how you show up during the hard stuff.

Master it here- in fitness. And watch the way it changes the rest of your life.

When the world tries to throw you around- stand up, tighten that freakin pony tail, and get in the game. Life is just too full to wait for the perfect moment. Learn how to stay consistent with working out and there ain’t nothing that can stop you.

What keeps you sane when life is crazy? Comment below and share your favorite tips!





P.S. I’d love to hear from you! Drop a comment below and tell me what your morning routine looks like!


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