Quick At-Home Workouts for Moms (+ everyone else!)

April 10, 2024

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I promised quick at-home workouts for moms (and anyone else in a crazy season) of life!) We will get to those, but first…

Do you ever have those days that make you wonder what you did to become the butt of a joke from the universe? You know, the kind where you’re certain that your guardian angel or some higher power is just laughing while you struggle?

These happen to me way too frequently.

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So what I have for you today are some quick at-home workouts for moms...

...and a poop story.

You might be confused on how those two things are related… but if you stick around I promise I’ll connect the dots.

So let’s just jump right in.

It was 6:27AM. I had 7 people on the way to my house for an early morning yoga class and all. hell. broke. loose.

My wild little man woke me up at 6:12 on Saturday morning. #Typical

On this particular day, my husband was working, and the name of the game on mornings like this is SURVIVAL.

My primary goal is to keep the kids alive and then a secondary (slightly less important- but still fairly important) goal is to pull myself together.  Nothing special, just enough to give the clients I’m training the idea that I am not a total train wreck. #Lies

It all happened so fast.

I was trying to start the coffee and Beck’s diaper was suddenly off (he’s potty training and has decided he’s happiest when completely naked). And before you can say- literally anything- he was squatting for his morning poo.

Shit! Literally.

I found his diaper, put it on and saved the carpet.

Except that I didn’t.

I quickly found that my reflexes were no match for Beckett the Jett, because there were small droplets spread across the floor. It was on my hand. The outside of the diaper. My pajamas. All the things.

The dog was very interested and all I knew for sure, was that I was not about to lose that much control of the situation.

I used my super mom powers and somehow found a way to clean all the poo, keep Marty away, and get all the way upstairs to get Beck clean.

Situation handled.

My internal dialogue is saying stuff like:

“Wow, Tor. That could have been bad”
“You’re amazing. Ben is the luckiest man”.
“Okaay Super Mom, atta babe”

You know….regular things.

At this point, I only had a few minutes before clients would show up.

I needed all the coffee.

While I’m imagining sitting to gather myself before class, I walked past the bathroom and saw some toilet paper at the bottom of the bowl. In order to be a good host- I flushed and started to walk away.

Big mistake. Huge.

The toilet starts to fill and within seconds water spills over the top of the bowl and covers the bathroom floor with a lovely ¼ inch of water.


I just don’t understand WHY THO.

I yelled a terrible word….Which always makes Marty very nervous, so he is at my feet and not about to give me the space that I need to handle this.

Beck hears the commotion and doesn’t want to miss out so he decides to come in and splash in the small pond I’ve installed in the bathroom.
Fresh outfit- ruined.

Somewhere in between finding every single towel we own and pushing Martin and Beck into the play room- my alarm goes off.

It’s 7 am and all I could think was:


After I found MORE mom superpowers and got the bathroom dried up and blocked off to prevent future flooding- I forced myself to sit. I held my coffee mug and just took a deep breath.

What a freakin' ride.

This shit show (literally?) of a morning got me thinking…no WONDER so many people have a hard time working out consistently.

Life is HARD. And throwin’ curve balls on the daily.

But if we don’t workout in the midst of the crazy…we just won’t workout. Ever.

With that in mind, I made you some quick at-home workouts for moms, because
1) You’re awesome and
2) You deserve one thing to be easy.

These are for when you’re using all your brainpower trying to keep tiny humans alive or hoping to prevent a full blown house flood or just running late trying to keep up with all that life demands.

These will allow you to get in, get done, and get back to the “flooding toilets” of life. Hopefully metaphorically speaking.

details about the mini at-home workouts for moms:

  • Each one is 10 minutes.
  • For ANY level. Beginners can go slow and advanced can go fast!
  • Complete at home, with no equipment
  • Or at the gym and with weights for a challenge
  • Do individually for a quick sweat session
  • Or together for a killer workout
  • Save images for quick access!
  • Follow HERE for lots more free “Tori Workouts”
quick at-home workouts for moms
quick at-home lower body workout
quick at-home upper body workouts for moms

At the end of the day, if you can learn how to workout when you don’t have the time or energy (AKA…always) then you WILL reach your health goals.

Whatever the goal is- to lose weight, feel strong, have alone time, get mental clarity- I promise you are worth the effort and time it takes to build the habit!

Try these out this week and let me know what you think! Do you prefer to use them all together or separately? Which one is the hardest? And most importantly… Do you have those kind of crazy days where you wonder who is laughing at you…or is that just me?





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