A 7-Day
Food and Fitness Refresh

You Glow Girl

You Glow Girl


Beautiful motivational mantras to print or use as a lock screen!

Motivation to keep you going

Seven new workouts including upper, lower, and full body + a fun bonus!

7 days of Sweaty workouts

Brand new breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas to get you glowing. Includes yummy mocktails, too!

Fresh, simple meal ideas

Let's take a look at what's inside...

“The biggest transformation was learning how to optimize my day- small tweaks helped me to succeed and not just worry about my weight”

"I’m the most proud of myself for SHOWING UP and STAYING CONSISTENT. I knew I had to dive in because I’m SO FREAKIN READY TO continue to HEAL and LOVE MY BODY."

“This was well worth the money. The process was easy, you’re down the earth and it really helps navigating real life stuff. I’d recommend you to any of my family”


Results my clients see...

Yes, this is a real review! 

“I'm down 11 pounds soooooooooo. You were right. You know everything and I owe you a lifetime of homemade brownies” 

I'm ready to glow!



Get to glowing, girl.

This info-packed guide includes 7 days of sweaty workouts and food that nourishes. Plus, an exclusive bonus!

It's the kindling to see just how much you’re capable of.

You have one life! Don’t let it pass you by.

Need a Reset?

Let's get glowing

How do you pick what’s important when you’re meeting a brand new friend? Who knows?! So here’s a little bit of everything... 

I am 100% not an almond mom, believe iced coffee is basically a vitamin, convinced all moms are real live saints, a firm believer TMI isn’t a thing, hoping they have chocolate chip cookies on demand in heaven, in awe of God on the daily, kinda hippie- kinda hood, not afraid of a well placed F bomb, believe dessert is a non-negotiable, + convinced canceled plans are heaven sent. 

Did I forget anything? Oh Ya– I made a full time gig out of linking arms with bad ass women and transforming the way they eat, move, and think. 

Stick around and you might just find yourself a radiant, glowing, goddess of health and wellness. The hott + happy kind….Don’t say I didn't warn you!

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I'm Victoria —
certified personal trainer and nutrition coach.

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