My Printable Grocery Shopping List (Essentials From a Nutrition Coach) 

January 30, 2024

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Hi, I’m Victoria! Certified in exercise physiology + nutrition coaching. I wanna help you create vibrant health without losing perspective on what matters.  

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essential groceries- carrots

I freakin LOVE grocery shopping and all things grocery shopping lists.

But it’s certainly not the norm to love grocery shopping. It seems a lot of the grumbles come from not knowing what to buy or what to do with the groceries once they’re home. 

(We’ve all had to toss full bags of salad into the garbage because we just couldn’t find the time to use them. So frustrating!) 

So today I’m going to share 10 things I ALWAYS have on my grocery shopping list to totally simplify your next grocery store experience. 

And because I love you, I also made a printable grocery shopping list! Print it and make your life a little easier, mkay? 

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Grocery Shopping List: 10 things I always toss in my cart

1. Greek yogurt 

Aside from being my FAV easy breakfast- I use this to add into smoothies, baked goods, soups, pizza dough….*everything*

2. Ground beef

The easiest thing to build a dinner around, in my opinion. 

3. Chicken

I always have chicken on hand and I like to bake a lot of it for the week to have for lunches and snacks. If I can get a whole chicken and make broth I’m over the friggin moooooon. 

4. Ahi tuna

My emergency lunch/ dinner. Seriously, when 💩hits the fan, I’m having tuna for lunch. Less than a minute and I’ve got 45g of protein?! Can you say BALLER. 

5. Eggs

I love how many different ways I can incorporate eggs for a high protein meal. Egg bakes, hard boiled, egg white smoothies- the limit does not exist on what you can do with these puppies!

6. Chomps

These are my forever “grab and go” option. If I’m running out of the house or need a snack to carry me to the next meal, this is a fav. 

7. Carrots

Have you ever waited too long to eat and then felt like you might need to eat an entire loaf of bread before you die?? I have. That’s why I keep carrots on hand. They give me something to crunch on when things get dicey- and bonus?! They support digestion and hormone health. Win win win.

8. Raw cheddar

Raw cheddar cheese is packed with protein, healthy fats, carbs, and vitamins. Be sure to buy a high quality cheese without any unnecessary ingredients. Pair this with a meat stick and thank me later.

9. Walnuts

Did you know that walnuts help fight and prevent acne?! I don’t have acne…. But maybe it’s because I eat so many walnuts? Haha no but really- these are important healthy fats! I add these into my breakfast almost every day! Also use them in granolas and homemade cereals. The BEST. 

10. Lemons

Internally, I’m 5 years old and I don’t want to drink water because it’s boring. Lemons in my water keep me on it for my daily water goals. Plus, using fresh lemons when cooking dinner makes you look like a professional chef. Trust. I have all my people fooled over here.

Bonus: Fruit and Veggies!

This one feels obvious but it can’t go unmentioned. I always have a few different fruits and veggies to add onto lunches or snacks. You don’t have to overdo it, just grab 1 or 2 items each week to get a variety of nutrients. Choose seasonal produce when available!

Before you go, WHY is your grocery shopping list so important?

Your nutrition is one of the biggest drivers of your health and quality of life. When you don’t have any food in the house (or have the wrong food) it’s much harder to make decisions that support your goals. 

This is why I recommend:

  • Creating a weekly grocery shopping habit
  • Meal Planning for the week
  • Working from a Grocery list
  • Putting grocery shopping in your calendar (like an appointment!)

Ready to get to shopping?!

Be sure to grab your printable grocery list with lots more of my favorite items! 




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