5 Health Benefits of Strong Glutes: Why You Need to Train that Booty

January 23, 2024

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Glute workout

Booty. Bum. Bottom. Tush. What you call it isn’t important- but the benefits of strong glutes are too important to miss. Here are 5 perks that come from a tight tush.

Not sure if you actually need a better booty? Stick around and I’ll show you why it’s important to your health!

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Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t want a nice lookin bum? There’s nothing better than a booty that you are proud of. But today, I’m talking about straight up functional cheeks that keep your entire body healthy, pain free, and moving the way it is supposed to.

Big, small, flat, or round- it doesn’t matter. Your glutes have a purpose that carries much farther than whatever body type is currently trending.

Your butt is responsible for some of the major movements that allow you to live as a fully functioning human being. So yes, a nice tush for those new jeans is always appreciated- but you need a better booty for much more important things.

If you are looking to:

  • strengthen that backside,
  • get rid of low back pain once and for all,
  • or to feel good in your favorite pair of jeans again-

Then keep reading for the nitty gritty with 5 Health Benefits of Strong Glutes.

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5 Health benefits of strong glutes

1. Less Chronic Pain

The booty is made up of your glutes and hamstrings- and these muscle groups work together to allow your hips rotate, extend and abduct.

Because the glutes are in charge of basic movements like standing, walking, jumping, running, climbing, etc. they need to be strong enough and firing correctly to do so. If they aren’t able to support you, other less capable muscles will try to do the job. Chronic knee pain, low back pain, sciatic pain, IT Band syndrome, and a whole host of others are the result of smaller muscles trying to assist weak glutes.

The solution is simple: STRENGTH + GLUTES = LESS PAIN

2. Better Posture

We sit a LOT these days. Desk jobs, eating out, netflix marathons, and long commutes are the norm. What’s commonly known as “sitting disease” is leading to weak muscles, back pain, and even organ damage (!). Glutes suffer from too much sitting and become unable to support the body in proper posture.

The body adjusts to lessen the load on the glutes and results in hunched shoulders, weak core muscles, and hips out of alignment causing “the pooch” on the belly to stick out. #NoThankYou

A benefit of strong glutes? You’ll stand a little taller- literally.

3. Decrease Risk of Injury

Now that we understand improper posture can cause overcompensating muscle groups- it makes sense that the risk of injury is much higher. Strengthening the glutes will drop the risk of injury significantly.

4. Boost Performance

Your glutes are the biggest muscle group in the body and can be the source of some serious power- or lack of it. The strongest, fastest, best athletes have one thing in common- strong glutes.

5. Fat Loss

Muscle takes more energy to maintain than fat does. Building the muscles on your backside can lead to fat loss because the stronger they are- the more calories you’ll burn to keep the muscle alive. The glutes are the biggest muscle group in your body- they will contribute in a major way if you are looking to lose weight or change your body composition!

So Let’s Review the Benefits of strong glutes.

Less chronic pain, better posture, lower risk of injury, improved performance and fat loss are the result of strong glute muscles.

Do any of those benefits sound less than ideal to you?

Do yourself a favor and start strengthening your glutes, TODAY.

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