Is it More Motivation You Need? A Life-Changing Secret

January 16, 2024

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Are you waiting on more motivation to show up so you can finally start reaching your goals? What you might not know is that you already have the motivation- what you’re missing is Momentum.

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I’ve never been a big fan- because it’s never there when you need it. And it seems to ALWAYS show up when you can’t put it to good use.

For me, motivation usually kicks in at the worst times. Like at 9 PM during a blizzard, and I’m suddenly super fired up to go for a long run.

Or during Hell Week when your toddler is getting three molars in and they demand to be held, but also want nothing to do with you- and you’re suddenly motivated to paint the kitchen and re-do the bathroom.

To whoever is running the show- can you not?
Read the room, dude.

But when I stop and think about it, the kind of motivation we all have a “love-hate” relationship with [the one where you are super energized to make moves] isn’t motivation at all.

Stick around If you want to find out:

  • What motivation REALLY is
  • How to use it
  • And what to do if you’re one of the many that can never find it

What Is Motivation, NOT?

Well let’s start with what everyone thinks motivation is.

Most people think motivation to be- a strong desire to act or behave in a certain way, followed by a burst in energy and excitement, resulting in massive progress.

We’ll all been there.

We “got super motivated” and cleaned the entire house, or went for a long run, or organized the garage. Or we felt “super motivated” to wake up early and workout.

And since we’ve all been there, we know what comes next.

The burst of energy and excitement fades…and before we know it, we are back to our old habits. The ones that have us hitting snooze until the very last second possible, ignoring the dishes in the sink, and letting the “to-do” list grow and grow and grow.

If you’ve experienced this- you’ve experienced… energy.

Energy ebbs and flows constantly. When you get a burst of it, you should ABSOLUTELY use it. Just don’t hang all your goals and dreams on it.

What is Motivation Actually?

Technically speaking- it’s “the reason someone has to act or behave in a certain manner”.

Wait- what? Read that again.

Yep. It’s the REASON to act or behave in a certain way.

So a paycheck- is your motivation to go to work.
A healthy brain is your motivation to meditate.
New jeans or confidence is your motivation to workout.
Fulfilment is your motivation to hustle for your dreams.

Notice I didn’t say- “a paycheck is why you wake up and feel excited to go to work”

It’s not a feeling.

And that’s what messes with people- they wait to start until they “feel” motivated.  Motivation isn’t a feeling, it’s a reason to act a certain way.

And it doesn’t take long to think of a reason to do the thing you’re thinking of.

By that definition, we’re all probably pretty motivated people.

Take a second. Think about the thing you’ve been putting off because you don’t feel motivated Can you think of one reason to do it? Can you think of two? Can you think of 5 or 10?

If it’s your health: can you think of ONE reason to dedicate some energy to it?

Your confidence levels? The joy you crave? The example you set for your kids? Your energy levels? The health of your heart? Your joints or skin or peace or…?

The reason motivation is endless.

What’s the reason for acting in a certain way? (Notice I didn’t say- what makes you feel like you’re ready to act in a certain way… we’ll cover this soon.)

motivational quote

How to Use Motivation

The first step to using motivation is understanding it.

It’s just the reason to start.

So to correctly use motivation, you just need to identify the reason(s) to start.

Movement after knowing why is where people get discouraged. But success doesn’t come from motivation…it’s found with a long lost gem called… MOMENTUM.

What is Momentum?

Momentum is the secret sauce.

Imagine you place a giant boulder at the top of a hill and let go. First you have to push with everything in you to get it to budge, then it rolls slowly, then it picks up enough speed that you can’t even run along side it as fast as it rolls.

Every slow roll at the top of the hill is building and compounding to create the speed you see at the bottom of the hill.

Momentum is what comes when you put consistent effort (or force, if we’re being scientific) in a single direction. It builds and builds and builds. And soon- it requires minimal effort to maintain the movement.

If you want to reach your goals you NEED momentum. John Maxwell says that “consistency compounds”. It’s important to remember that consistency compounds whether you want it to or not…

Make momentum work FOR you, not against you.

I read an amazing book on this topic and have been recommending it to EVERYONE I know lately. Seriously, it’s in my top 5 favorite books-ever. It’s all about getting momentum to work in your favor, instead of against you and it will change the way you think about EVERYTHING.

So Now What?

If you are trying to make moves- financially, physically, mentally, emotionally, in a relationship, or in any area of your life- you just need to remember these three things.

1: Know the Real Definition of Motivation

Motivation is just the REASON behind the ACTION.

It’s not a feeling or a desire. Next time you catch yourself saying you “aren’t motivated” make a mental adjustment.

You might have the motivation, but you might not be ready to move.

That’s ok.

* Note: It’s empowering to say -I’m not ready to move- or- I don’t want to. It gives you the power to decide to move when you are ready, instead of feeling stuck waiting for some mysterious feeling to wash over you. 


Those people that seem “super motivated” are actually just masters at building bulletproof habits.

They aren’t operating out of motivation, they have built habits that create momentum in a certain direction.

In the race of life- motivation is putting your tennis shoes on, and HABITS are the blood, sweat and tears that get you to the finish line.

Some tips to building rock solid habits include starting small, reinforce them, plan ahead for what could throw them off, and adjust as needed, keep what works, and throw out what is ineffective.

This post has so many secrets to effective habit building!

3: Take Advantage of the Power of Momentum.

You give yourself a HUGE advantage by simply starting.

Just start moving in the right direction- in the smallest way possible- and the momentum will come.

Consistency compounds, but you get to decide if it’s stacking up in your favor or not.

I used to tell people that I hated motivation.

But that’s not true.

I just hate that people misunderstand it and suffer because of it.

Stop waiting to feel motivated and start building momentum.

This one little secret will change your life. And you can apply it to ANY area of your life that needs help.

So what’s your motivation to do the thing?

And what habits do you need to build to get momentum on your side?





P.S Ever wondered what it would feel like to view movement as a joyful new hobby…? To have a habit that was so refreshing that “skipping the gym” felt like missing a facial 🥲
What if there was no bullshit?
What if you just knew what worked for you?

What if it felt good, sustainable, and life giving….

💕That’s my specialty 💕

And it’s a major piece of my new 1:1 coaching experience, Best Body Yet!


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