3 Secrets to Enjoy Exercise (From a Certified Personal Trainer)

February 6, 2024

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Hi, I’m Victoria! Certified in exercise physiology + nutrition coaching. I wanna help you create vibrant health without losing perspective on what matters.  

Meet Victoria

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Ladies and gents we have a verrrry important topic today. 

I’m gonna to be spilling the tea on:
How to ENJOY EXERCISE + make it feel like self care.

Yes, you heard me right. AKA: skipping the gym? Feels like missing out on a facial🙅🏼‍♀️😭 

Rolling your eyes?! 

Let me blow your mind 🤯

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First, let’s talk about why it's important to enjoy exercise... 

and then I’ll share 3 EASY changes you can make before, during, and after your workout to start loving it!

You might be thinking, “Tor… why do I need to enjoy exercise? Isn’t doing it the most important thing?” 

My answer is… yes and no. 

Yes! Getting your workout done is one of the most important parts. Without this step, you’re going nowhere fast. 

But also, no! Because if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, the habit you’re building is living on borrowed time.

When you aren’t enjoying something, it takes a lot of mental energy to get it done. You’re relying mainly on willpower, which is a limited resource.

Willpower isn’t all bad. It’s actually a great way to get started. 

But what about when it’s gone? 


These babies? They’re like melted butter on warm can’t freakin resist. 

So imagine if your workout habit could leave you joyful, satisfied, and fulfilled… how much stronger of a habit would that be?  

When you genuinely love your habit of exercise, it doesn’t matter if you’re tired, cranky or totally overwhelmed; there is a positive current that’s drawing you in. 

So…how do you create a workout habit that oozes refreshment? 


Here are my 3 secrets (you can start TODAY) to help fall in love with and enjoy exercise


You can be making changes to your neurochemistry before your workout even starts. And it’s as easy as talking to yourself. 

Speak intentionally about what happens because of the exercise. 

What’s the IMMEDIATE outcome that makes moving worth it? 

Think of a few and say them out loud or write them down. 

Here are few of mine: 

  • “My mind feels so much calmer after I workout”, 
  • “I love feeling strong”, 
  • “I love having this time to myself” 

(Note: This isn’t positive affirmations or chanting “I love the gym” in the mirror, it’s highlighting what else is TRUE about the experience) 

You can use this trick to help when a tiny shred of “pre-workout dread” sneaks in. By highlighting the immediate takeaway, you’re telling your brain that you’re more focused on what you get, than the initial work it will require. 

Why this works: 

The scientific lingo? It’s called the Baader- Meinhof phenomenon. It’s when things that are important to you become easier to notice. 

By saying “I always feel calm after I workout” you’re training your brain to look for evidence of this. 

You workout and feel calm, so your brain says “HEY LOOK, CALMNESS!” And boom! You’ve just positively reinforced the habit. 

Every time you do this, you’re training your brain to look for the takeaway. Before you know it, the “ugh I don’t wanna” will be a whisper and the “Gosh, I can’t wait to..” will be hard to ignore.


Infuse joy into every damn nook and cranny of the habit. 

Listen to the playlist with all the bangers from high school, dance between sets, call your bestie and laugh while you walk the block, wear the color that brings out your eyes, put a cute sticker on your water bottle, use the warm up to listen to your fav audio book---etc.  

Little droplets of joy add up to a HUGE dose of dopamine. 

And our brains are always chasing a reward. 

Why this works: 

We’re creating a positive pull toward a habit by connecting a “dopamine high” to the action we want to do more of. 

Our brains are hardwired to take notice of the things that feel like a reward. So the more dopamine you can trigger in a particular habit, the better.    


Celebrate your progress with visuals.

Seeing how much work you’ve done is a great way to enjoy the process while you wait for the results. 

If you’re working out to reach a physical goal, it can be easy to get discouraged when you don’t see changes right away. But celebrating your progress creates a whirlwind of pride in what you’ve already accomplished. James Clear talks about the power of visual cues in his paper clip example.

After your workout, celebrate! Make your progress visible by crossing off the day, moving a paper clip, or adding money to your reward fund. 

Why this works: 

This visual trigger provides clear evidence of your progress and also adds immediate satisfaction to the process of “doing the dang thing”. 


Looking to love your workout habit and finally enjoy exercise? 

Highlight the immediate reward, infuse joy into the process, and create more opportunities to celebrate your progress. 

The sooner you can realize that movement is not an apology for existing— but a celebration of the life you’ve been given— the better.



P.S. If movement that isn’t punishment feels like ROCKET SCIENCE to you, you’re in the right place. 

I’m Victoria and I teach women how to find Movement + Food that they love! I’m so glad you’re here!! 

My newest program, Best Body Yet, is your personalized guide to breaking free from body bullshit. I will work with you to design a program that works best for YOU. Your body, your goals, your life.

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