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Mother and daughter

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How can I talk to my daughter about her weight while protecting her relationship with her body & food and without submitting her to toxic diet culture?

How to Talk to Your Daughter About Her Weight

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If you’ve ever felt stuck, lost, or even just out of sorts- I highly recommend a morning routine. My mornings allow me to focus on the things that I am “too busy” for during the day. The things that are easy to sweep under the rug but essential to living the kind of life I want.

Win the Morning, Win the Day: My Essential Morning Routine


morning routine for early risers

So much excitement, so little lung capacity. My top tips for staying fit during pregnancy as a certified personal trainer and a mama of two!

How to Stay Fit During Pregnancy: Tips from a Trainer + Mama


how to stay fit during pregnancy

And after reviewing 390 YEARS worth of relationship tips, I got something much more real than pink hearts or cheesy dates. Whether you’re crazy in love, looking for love, or looking for a refresh- there’s something here for you.

heart hands - relationship tips

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These 5 tips will help you to refine your nutrition while creating sustainable + healthy new habits. 

Fat Loss Protocol

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