My Top 3 Magic Mantras for a Healthy Holiday Mindset

November 7, 2023

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holiday table setting - healthy holiday mindset

Good Morning Honey’s.
Ready for some holiday mantra magic that will transform your holiday mindset?

The agenda is slam packed for today so grab your snack and get cozy.

I hope the holidays are off to a good start in your home. This is one of my favorite times of the year. The lights, cozy nights, heated blankets, and fuzzy socks- yes. please.

Today we are talking about 3 ESSENTIAL healthy holiday mindset swaps + holiday mantras that will keep you lookin’ and feeling GOOD- all season long.

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Picture it— it’s the New Year and your resolutions DON’T include “get healthy” or “lose weight” …..ahhh. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

This message might feel oversimplified- (because diet culture has done great work creating complexity and confusion out of something that is actually quite simple) but below are 3 healthy holiday mindset swaps and new holiday mantras to take with you to the dinner table.


3 Magic Mantras & Healthy Holiday Mindset Swaps

Swap 1: 

Diet Culture says:  “I didn’t eat all day so that I can enjoy myself”

The reality: It’s party time and you’re starving. First stop is the bread and dip. Must. have. food. The “it’s now or never” mentality kicks in and you finish off the champagne, and the sausage platter, and make your way to the cheese board. When bedtime comes you’re bloaty, discouraged, and uncomfortable.

Healthy Holiday Mindset Swap: “I don’t participate in restricting and binging. I’m capable of making nourishing choices all day long”.

The impact: You spent the day working WITH your body instead of against it and you feel calm and in control. You participate mindfully in the things that appeal to you and pass on the things that don’t. At bedtime, you feel satisfied, proud, and comfortable.

Swap 2: 

Diet Culture says: “I’m gonna be good, I won’t eat any (insert fav treat here)”

The reality: The dessert table looks extra delicious… maybe just a slice… ok maybe a little more. “Ok well, I already ruined my diet for the night so might as well have a slice of the apple too”. Sound familiar?

Healthy Holiday Mindset Swap: “There will be (insert fav treat), and I choose to participate mindfully.”

The impact: You walk into the party knowing what treat you’re excited to enjoy. There is NO shame or guilt when you actually have some. *Gasps!* And without that loud criticism in your head, you’ll be more tuned into your satisfaction and grown-up decision-making skills. Score!!


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Swap 3: 

Diet Culture says: “Screw it, I’ll start again in the New Year”

The reality: You spend 2+ months ignoring the needs of your body. You start the year off with weight to lose, feeling sluggish and in desperate need of a “cleanse”.

Healthy Holiday Mindset Swap: “I’m more than capable of participating in this moment while staying mindful of the needs of my body”.

The impact: You participate without abandoning the needs of your body. You feel nourished (relationally + physically) and confident going into the new year. Hooray!

This holiday season, I hope you enjoy your family, friends, and FOOD.

Need some yummy recipes? Check out a few of my favs!

It’s possible to participate without sacrificing your mental, physical, and emotional health. You might not have experienced it yet, but this is available to you.

Might you be the one in your circle that decides to change the game for the better? I think you might just be what YOU’VE been waiting for.

You got this.




P.S. Which one of these holiday mantras is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


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