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Let's get fit, girl

a 6-week Health Challenge

The workouts, the nutrition, and the

Soul Refresh

you need to feel your very best,
all season long.

...she wanted something simple to focus on, and she n e e d e d to find a way to enjoy the dark season. 

And just like that… Fit Girl Fall was born. A 6 week challenge with: workouts designed to keep you engaged + progressing, nutrition that’s simple but effective, and a soul refresh so good, Fall is officially your new favorite season. 

She was sick of watching her hard earned healthy habits fall off one by one...

I made this program for my friend… 

It's Like you
read my mind

You were in the gym groove during Summer but now? You'd rather curl up on the couch with some cocoa + a Gilmore Girls marathon. 

You want to "eat healthy" but also…it's Chili + corn bread season sooo….

You've seen all the workouts on Pinterest. 
All of them. You need something that actually makes a difference.

You want to feel good without missing out on everything that makes this season special. 

Sound Familiar?

Let's take a look at what's inside...

This program has THREE full strength training programs in one. Body weight, HIIT, and Strength. These are repeatable and buildable so you can use them more than once! 


I've condensed the nutrition challenge into 5 principles. No foods are off limits, and you'll never be hungry. 


10 seasonal challenges that will help you maximize on the magic, cozy, + connection available in this season. 

The Soul Refresh

a workout playlist, seasonal recipes, accountability calendars, + progress tracker worksheets!


I gotta see what this girl is about

“The biggest transformation was learning how to optimize my day- small tweaks helped me to succeed and not just worry about my weight”

"I’m the most proud of myself for SHOWING UP and STAYING CONSISTENT. I knew I had to dive in because I’m SO FREAKIN READY TO continue to HEAL and LOVE MY BODY."

“This was well worth the money. The process was easy, you’re down the earth and it really helps navigating real life stuff. I’d recommend you to any of my family”


Results my clients see...

Yes, this is a real review! 

“I'm down 11 pounds soooooooooo. You were right. You know everything and I owe you a lifetime of homemade brownies” 



+ 3 Levels of Workouts
+ Sustainable Nutrition Challenges
+ Mantras and Mindset Work to keep you going
+ 10 Seasonal Challenges
+ Kickass Workout Playlist 
+ Delicious Seasonal Recipes
+ Accountability Calendar
+ Progress Tracker worksheets

what's included:

Fit Girl Fall

It's about to be a
fit girl fall

I've condensed the nutrition challenge into my top 5 most effective principles. No foods are off limits and you'll never be hungry!

What is the nutrition challenge? 

All workouts have access to demo videos, and are easy to modify to your needs. Here are some key differences: 

What is the difference between workout levels?
How will I know which one is right for me? 


•Great for beginners
•30 minutes
•Can be done with little to no equipment
•Focused on building strength
in the basics 

Level 1: Bodyweight: 

•Best for people who have worked out before
•30-45 minutes 
•Best done with access to dumbbells and some gym equipment

Level 2: Strength + Hiit

•Gym access strongly encouraged
•45 minutes 

Level 3: Strength Training

All my seasonal challenges are designed to be repeatable and buildable. You can work your way through each workout level or repeat the same one more than once to maximize your progress. And the nutrition challenge is designed to be something that you do for good! You’ll see more results the more you repeat it. 

Can I do it more than once?

This is how I pay it forward! Not everyone can afford to pay for 1-1 coaching but I don’t believe money should be the thing standing in the way of people getting healthy. These 18 weeks worth of workouts comes out to less than $6 per week. That doesn’t even include the nutrition section or all the bonuses! I am not holding anything back, if you do these workouts and follow this nutrition advice long term you will absolutely see results! 

What about the cost? 

No! Fit Girl Fall has all new workouts, nutrition principles, and recipes! Even if you did Strong Girl Summer (yay!), you'll love this NEW challenge!

I did strong girl summer-
is this the same challenge? 

How do you pick what’s important when you’re meeting a brand new friend? Who knows?! So here’s a little bit of everything... 

I am 100% not an almond mom, believe iced coffee is basically a vitamin, convinced all moms are real live saints, a firm believer TMI isn’t a thing, hoping they have chocolate chip cookies on demand in heaven, in awe of God on the daily, kinda hippie- kinda hood, not afraid of a well placed F bomb, believe dessert is a non-negotiable, + convinced canceled plans are heaven sent. 

Did I forget anything? Oh Ya– I made a full time gig out of linking arms with bad ass women and transforming the way they eat, move, and think. 

Stick around and you might just find yourself a radiant, glowing, goddess of health and wellness. The hott + happy kind….Don’t say I didn't warn you!

meet  your coach!

I'm Victoria —
certified personal trainer and nutrition coach.

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Let's cut it in half + supercharge your results.
Shall we? 

The time you spend confused about which workout program to choose… and reading nutrition labels without knowing what you should actually be looking for? 


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